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Tyre Repairs

Malvern Automotive Repairs understands that tyres are one of the most vital components on your vehicle. Made from vulcanised rubber, they provide the car with grip, as well as horizontal and lateral stability to keep the car safe. Tyres also absorb impacts from the road and keep the wheel in close contact with the road.

Without tyres, cars would not be safe nor be able to put the required power down to even move. Tyres can cause your vehicle to have increased stopping distance, vibrations and make the vehicle pull in one direction or the other, not to mention the loss of traction in wet conditions.

All tyres on your vehicle need to be in a good, roadworthy condition, free from damage and correctly inflated. Incorrectly maintained tyres may be costly as incorrect pressures and alignments can prematurely wear them out.

At Malvern Automotive Repairs, we offer a range of tyres to suit every vehicle while being mindful of your budget. If you require replacement tyres or just need our friendly staff in Malvern to check the condition of your tyres, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.