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Air Conditioning

Malvern Automotive Repairs can complete a full evacuation of automotive air conditioning systems and recover the old gas. After performing a full system leak assessment, we install new gas with lubricating oil and perform a final system test to ensure its correct operation.

Authorisation/ AU46438

Our fully qualified mechanics in Malvern inspect your automotive air conditioning system for operating pressures, leaks, deterioration and damage to any hoses, seals and components. We also check drive belt tension and recharge your system refrigerant.

The refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems on early car models is called R12 containing fluorocarbons (CFCs). It is important to operate the air conditioner for up to five minutes every week to prevent the system seals from drying out and leaking this ozone-depleting substance into the atmosphere. Late model cars use a CFC-free refrigerant known as R134a that is far less damaging to the environment.

Your automotive air conditioner requires regular servicing to ensure it runs effectively, efficiently and at the right temperature. Malvern Automotive Repairs can service your automotive air conditioning system and provide professional re-gassing services.

Air conditioner disinfectant

Automotive air conditioning systems require regular disinfectant to eliminate any odours and mouldy smells. To effectively eliminate mildew and fungi, have your automotive air conditioner regularly disinfected by our friendly technicians in Malvern.