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Starter Motors

Is your car having difficulty starting? If you answered yes then you may be in need of a new starter motor. Malvern Automotive Repairs is one of Melbourne’s leading providers of affordable new and reconditioned starter motors. Our qualified technicians in Malvern can rebuild and replace starter motors to ensure your vehicle gets back on the road again in the fastest time frame possible.

Starter motors are an important part of your car’s starting and charging system. They are designed to crank your engine by engaging with a gear on the flywheel of the engine to ensure the engine can fire.

Our team of expert mechanics in Malvern can assess and diagnose your starter motor issues and replace faulty parts with either a new option or fully functional rebuild. Not only can you rest assured that your vehicle is in the extremely capable hands of our VACC-accredited mechanics, but Malvern Automotive Repairs also has a reputation for excellence for using only the best brands and materials.