Malvern Car Service and Auto Tech

Servicing Your

Diesel vehicle

At Malvern Automotive Repairs, our team of experienced diesel vehicle servicing mechanics are fully trained to deal with both traditional diesel systems as well as modern common rail diesel technology, with and without added DPF systems.

More and more customers are choosing diesel-powered vehicles due to optimal fuel economy and high performance in torque and engine power. Although diesel cars are well-known for their reliability and durability, they must be regularly serviced to keep them running and performing at their best.

Malvern’s experts in diesel vehicle servicing

Our trusted technicians in Malvern ensure optimum performance for your vehicle and can enhance the lifespan of your car through ongoing maintenance and regular preventative diesel vehicle servicing.

Malvern Automotive Repairs uses the latest electronic scanners and computers to service all diesel models, whether it be for routine maintenance checks, certified manufacturer’s handbook servicing, or to add blue repairs and DPF regenerations.

As part of our professional diesel vehicle servicing, we can identify both immediate and future servicing requirements and create a tailored maintenance plan that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If your dealership has advised you that your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) needs replacing, we would advise you to bring you vehicle down to us for a second opinion. We are generally able to clean the filter at a fraction of the cost.

Malvern Automotive Repairs is dedicated to providing a complimentary pick-up and delivery service within 3km of the local area.