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timing change and belt repairs

At Malvern Automotive Repairs, our highly trained technicians offer timing chain and timing belt repairs and replacement for all vehicle makes and models. Your timing belt or chain is a crucial component of a car’s engine, and can sometimes become a problem without any prior warning.

Some modern engines have a timing belt fitted while others come fitted with a timing chain. Our experienced technicians in Malvern are fully qualified to handle all timing chain and timing belt repairs to ensure you don’t experience unexpected engine failure.

Cost-effective timing belt repairs and maintenance

Timing belts are made of rubber and require replacement at different intervals. Around 100,000km or six years is the most common replacement interval. Your car’s logbook is the best guide to when timing belts should be replaced.

Timing chains are more durable and will not require replacement. However, if your vehicle is not serviced regularly, then the timing chain life can be shortened.

Why is the timing belt or chain so important?

The timing belt or chain handles keeping the crankshaft and camshaft synchronised with each other to ensure that valve timing is correct at all times. Incorrect valve timing can have devastating effects on your engine, causing the engine to either run poorly or not at all.

If the crankshaft and camshaft are out of sync, then the valve timing will be off, causing the valves to open or close during the wrong engine stroke and can be disastrous for the engine. Some of the results of incorrect valve timing may include bending the valve, bending the piston rod or destroying the piston.

The best way to keep your timing belt or chain in good working order is to have your car serviced on a regular basis. A complete evaluation of your timing belt or chain from Malvern Automotive Repairs at each service will keep you informed to avoid any unwanted, costly timing belt repairs.