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Auto Electric repairs

Malvern Automotive Repairs is fully equipped with the latest software and diagnostic scan tools on the market to provide comprehensive engine management diagnostics and auto electrical repairs.

Today’s modern motor car is equipped with a sophisticated on-board engine management system that controls not only the car engine performance but also transmission, security and in many instances, the braking, suspension and light systems.

Our honest technicians in Malvern are trained to diagnose and repair these often complex systems with the aid of computerised diagnostic equipment. Thanks to our knowledge and leading technology, we can extract fault codes, as well as view and analyse live data from your car’s engine management system.

The check engine light that is usually located in the instrument cluster is the engine management system’s warning light and is illuminated if the Engine Control Unit (ECU) registers a fault. If a fault occurs, the ECU will record the fault code that can be read to help in diagnosing faults and the correct auto electrical repairs for your vehicle.

When you experience any warning lights on your instrument cluster, Malvern Automotive Repairs highly recommends having them checked as soon as possible to avoid any more damage and auto electrical repairs to your vehicle.