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Brake repairs

Brake repairs and services at Malvern Automotive Repairs include disc pad or brake shoe replacement on front or rear wheel using quality pads. We can also provide disc and drum machining at our modern workshop in Malvern.Your car’s disc brakes are one of the most vital vehicle operating systems. By knowing a little more about how the disc brakes work, you’ll better understand the importance of regular checks and servicing to avoid costly brake repairs.

Value-for-money brake repairs

As a customer-friendly business, our qualified automotive technicians offer complete brake repairs for all kinds of vehicle makes and models. Since 1927, we’ve been providing an honest and reliable service to our clients in and around the Malvern region.We are proud of our excellent reputation within the industry for delivering value-for-money brake repairs and an unparalleled service.

What we do and why

Wheel bearing grease is applied to the wheel hubs to reduce heat generated by frequent applications of the brakes. A calliper has one or more hydraulic cylinder containing pistons, and whenever you press the brake pedal, the pistons exert pressure on the brake pads.

Pads are metal plates with a bonded lining of friction material. As the lining material wears out, the metal pad moves closer to the disc. Pads should be replaced when less than 3mm from the disc.

Retaining pins hold the disc pads in the calliper. As part of our professional brake repairs at Malvern Automotive Repairs, new split pins are always fitted during replacement. Discs can be easily scored and damaged if the metal plate comes into contact with the disc. When below certain tolerances it must be replaced.

Our experienced technicians in Malvern also provide bleed nipple to ensure that any air entering the hydraulic lines is bled off. Even a small amount of air in the system will severely impair the operation of the brakes.