Malvern Auto Repairs clutch

Malvern Automotive Repairs can address all types of clutch repairs for your vehicle. Whether your clutch pedal is sinking to the floor, difficult to get into gear, leaking fluid on your driveway or is slipping while driving, our qualified technicians in Malvern can help.

Clutch repairs at a great price 

We can do anything from replacing a clutch cable, right through to the replacement of a whole clutch kit. A full replacement would include the clutch plate, pressure plate and the thrust or throw out bearing.

At Malvern Automotive Repairs, we also repair and replace the clutch master or slave cylinder. If it is leaking or not working anymore, our clutch repairs specialists will replace the cylinder, put in new fluid, and bleed the hydraulic clutch system.

Using only quality parts on your vehicle, our reputable mechanics will replace any damaged and worn parts as required. Being an authorised VACC service provider ensures that Malvern Automotive Repairs is a genuine dealership alternative for clutch repairs, new vehicle maintenance and handbook servicing without affecting your warranty.

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